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Pretty in pink (cookie edition)

I love activities that are hands-on. Maybe because I spend all of my work day staring at a computer making decks. There’s just something about making something with my hands that is so satisfying and relaxing! Probably explains why I started to love cooking around the same time I started my first job after college. And probably explains why I love going to those paint your own pottery places. As if I need another painted mug, right?!

FullSizeRender (4)

So for me, this idea by my sister was TOPS. She suggested that we bake and decorate some fun cookies for Valentine’s Day to share with our best friends…… or just eat ourselves. Two dozen heart shaped cookies (I used this sugar cookie recipe from She Makes A Home), three GIANT bowls of buttercream frosting tinted pink with Wilton’s concentrate gel dye, and about a zillion sprinkles. She came over with her roomies and we got right down to it!

Oh and we also had a killer wine selection: the Velvet Devil, Seven Deadly Zins, and a dark chocolate red wine. All delicious!

I’m already trying to find an excuse to recreate this gathering. Are Easter cookies a thing? Can we put frosting on matzah for Passover? What about Memorial Day cookies?

In the meantime, I’ll just be here licking the frosting bowl 🙂